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Word Hurdle

The game of Word Hurdle has a very simple rule set and is ideal for players of all ages. You do not need to practice before playing; you may go immediately into the game. The game's interface is made up of 6x6 squares, which corresponds to the number of letters in the word you must decipher. This game is unique in that you can try an unlimited number of incorrect words and correct them until the proper word is found. The correct letter and place will be shown in blue if you guess correctly. The proper letter will appear yellow if it is in the wrong spot, and gray if the word you guess is utterly incorrect. 

The colors you estimate incorrectly will always appear on the screen of the keys, which is an unusual feature of word hurdle. You've colored all of your keyboards once you've guessed all of the columns.

Word Hurdle is a fantastic method to see what words people are using and to get a sense of what themes are popular at any one time. All you have to do is put in a message, and you'll get a fantastic visual representation of the words being used.


How to play Word Hurdle

You have to guess 2 five-letter words at the same time, but you can only input 1-word guess at a time

Green: letter in the word and correct spot

Yellow: letter in the word but wrong spot

Gray: letter not in the word


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