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Introducing Pokedoku

Enter the enchanting world of PokeDoku, a fresh and exciting daily puzzle challenge tailor-made for Pokémon aficionados. Imagine combining the logic of Sudoku with the charm of Pokémon, and you've got yourself an addictive pastime like no other.

The objective of PokeDoku is clear: fill all 9 boxes with the correct Pokémon. But here's the twist – you only have 9 guesses, so choose wisely! There's no room for errors in this thrilling fusion of strategy and Pokémon knowledge.

What makes PokeDoku truly engaging is the freedom it offers. Multiple correct answers are possible. For instance, if a box corresponds to both Fire and Fighting types, you can select from a range of Pokémon that share those traits, like Blaziken or Infernape. But beware, once you choose a Pokémon for a particular box, there's no turning back. Your answer is locked in, and you must strategize carefully.

Key Game Features

The puzzle layout is ingeniously designed, with three rows and the first two columns dedicated to Pokémon types. The third column is the special one, featuring various categories like different regions, legendaries, and more. When the special column aligns with a type, the chosen Pokémon can have two types, as long as one matches the type in the corresponding row.

PokeDoku introduces an exciting challenge where you'll need your wits and Pokémon knowledge to triumph. If you're a die-hard Pokémon fan looking for a brain-teasing twist, PokeDoku is your daily dose of puzzle fun!


How to play Pokedoku

The goal of the game is to fill in all 9 boxes with the correct Pokemon!

You have to do so with only 9 guesses so choose wisely! There's no room for error.

There can be multiple correct answers, for example, if the box falls between the types of Fire and Fighting, you can put Blaziken, Infernape, or whatever Pokemon is both of those types.


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