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Winter Clash 3D

Introduction Winter Clash 3D

In the festive spirit of Christmas, a dark plot unfolds as evil elves conspire to take over Santa's secret haven and summon the malevolent Baba Yaga, known as the Pagan Idol, into our world. The fate of Christmas hangs in the balance, and it's up to you to thwart this nefarious plan. Armed with your trusty gun, step into the role of a mighty Santa Claus and deliver punishment to all who stand in your way in the exhilarating team shooter, Winter Clash 3D. Embark on a mission to capture the Pagan Idol hidden on a deserted lighthouse island and ensure its destruction in the flames of your Christmas fire.


Overwhelming Team Shooter:

Winter Clash 3D immerses you in an overwhelming team shooter experience, where you must join forces with fellow Santas to confront the evil elves and prevent the summoning of the Pagan Idol. Engage in intense battles, strategize with your team, and impose justice on those who threaten the joyous spirit of Christmas.

Mighty Santa's Quest:

Assume the mighty persona of Santa Claus on a quest to capture the Pagan Idol. Navigate through a deserted lighthouse island, overcoming obstacles, and facing adversaries in a bid to secure the safety of Christmas. Your goal is to burn the Pagan Idol to ashes in the warmth of your Christmas fire.

Team Collaboration:

Team up with other Santas in this cooperative battle against the evil forces. Coordinate your efforts, communicate with your teammates, and execute strategic moves to outsmart the opposition. The spirit of Christmas is stronger when united.

Christmas-themed Arsenal:

Arm yourself with a festive array of Christmas-themed weaponry. From candy cane guns to snowball launchers, the arsenal is as creative as it is effective. Use these unique weapons to bring justice to the North Pole and protect the holiday season.


How to play Winter Clash 3D

Using Mouse.


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