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Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Tom and Jerry: Mouse Maze, where your mission is to guide Jerry through intricate mazes to collect the coveted big red cheese. However, the journey is far from straightforward – navigate carefully to avoid traps, oil spills, and the ever-persistent Tom, who's determined to catch Jerry! With clever tactics and quick reflexes, you can hide behind vases or teleport to escape Tom's clutches. Aim for three stars on each level, and replay to master the diverse challenges each maze presents. Get ready to test your skills in this maze-like pursuit, where every level brings a new twist to the cheese chase.


  • Cheese Chase Mission: Guide Jerry through mazes to collect the big red cheese he craves. The path is laden with traps, oil spills, and the constant threat of Tom, creating a dynamic and challenging mission.

  • Strategic Avoidance: Navigate through the maze strategically, avoiding traps and oil spills. When Tom appears, employ clever tactics such as hiding behind vases or teleporting to different locations for a narrow escape.

  • Three-Star Challenge: Compete for three stars on each level by showcasing your navigation and evasion skills. The pursuit of achieving a perfect score adds an extra layer of challenge and replayability to each maze.

  • Repeatable Mastery: Play again and again to master each level. With varied challenges in every maze, there's always an opportunity to refine your skills, overcome obstacles, and enhance your mouse maze mastery.

  • Diverse Maze Challenges: Each level presents a unique challenge, testing your abilities in maze navigation. From avoiding traps to outsmarting Tom, the maze-like surroundings keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.


How to play Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze

Using Mouse.


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