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Swing Monkey

Introduction Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey is an exhilarating one-button monkey swinging game that challenges players to reach the finish line with style and precision. Drawing inspiration from the popular Stickman Hook game, Swing Monkey offers a thrilling and addictive experience that will keep players swinging for victory.

Game Mechanics

Swing Monkey's gameplay is refreshingly simple yet endlessly engaging. With just one button, players control the monkey's swinging trajectory. Timing and finesse are key as you propel the monkey through a series of dynamic and challenging levels.

Mastering the art of swinging is essential in Swing Monkey. Players must calculate the perfect moment to release the swing and propel the monkey forward. The game's physics-based mechanics add depth to the swinging strategy, making each level a delightful puzzle to solve.


How to play Swing Monkey

Using Mouse


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