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Introduction Sunkenland

In the near future, when the Earth is mostly submerged in water, Sunkenland emerges as a thrilling post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game. This immersive gaming experience invites players to step into a world where humanity's resilience is tested to its limits. As they navigate this waterlogged landscape, players will encounter sunken cities, scavenge for vital resources and advanced technologies, construct formidable bases, engage in trade, confront adversaries, and ultimately, strive to endure.

The Post-Apocalyptic Setting

A Watery World

Sunkenland unfolds in a world where the oceans have reclaimed their dominance, submerging vast stretches of land. Players will find themselves in an environment where water is both their greatest ally and fiercest adversary. The setting offers a unique blend of beauty and danger, with breathtaking underwater landscapes and treacherous submerged ruins.

Sunken Cities

Among the submerged landscapes are the remnants of once-great cities. These sunken cities hold the secrets of the past, along with valuable resources and technology waiting to be discovered. Players will embark on expeditions to explore these underwater metropolises, braving the unknown as they unearth the mysteries buried beneath the waves.

Survival and Resource Scavenging

Resource Scarcity

Survival in Sunkenland hinges on resource management. Players must scavenge for essentials such as food, clean water, and shelter materials. With landmasses shrinking, competition for these resources is intense, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Technological Discoveries

Amidst the desolation, players have the opportunity to uncover advanced technologies lost to the floodwaters. These discoveries can give them a significant edge, from improved weaponry to innovative tools for underwater exploration.To weather the post-apocalyptic storm, players can establish their bases on sturdy platforms or repurposed structures. Customization options allow for the creation of unique sanctuaries, fostering a sense of ownership and strategic advantage.


How to play Sunkenland

Using mouse.

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