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Stacky Bird

Introduction Stacky Bird

Stacky Bird is a delightful hyper-casual arcade game that challenges players to stack eggs strategically to navigate a world filled with obstacles. As you lay egg towers and dash to prevent your bird from crashing, you'll embark on a colorful journey through various levels and even fly to new worlds. Enjoy the thrill of progression and collect rewards along the way!

Key Features

A Quest to King Spiky's Castle

Join Stacky Bird on a heroic quest to rescue his beloved girlfriend from the clutches of King Spiky. To achieve this noble goal, you must stack eggs high and cleverly navigate your way through challenging obstacles. As you control the square bird's flight, perfect landings will unlock the exhilarating shooty mode.

Explore New Lands and Collect Rewards

Stacky Bird invites you to spread your wings and explore new and exciting destinations. Venture through various bonus levels to amass extra gold and discover secret characters that enhance your gameplay experience. As you progress, use your hard-earned gold to furnish your charming birdhouse with delightful items like sofas, TVs, and more.

A World of Skins

While playing as a bird is a hoot, Stacky Bird offers even more fun by allowing you to transform into various animal friends. Whether you prefer the slow and steady pace of a turtle, the clucking adventures of a chicken, or the oinking escapades of a pig, you can find your favorite cute little pet and embark on thrilling adventures.


How to play Stacky Bird

Using Mouse


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