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Rolling Cheese

Introduction Rolling Cheese

Embark on a delightful culinary adventure with Rolling Cheese, a charming puzzle game that stars a hungry little mouse on a quest for delicious cheese. Your mission is to guide the mouse through a series of levels, solving puzzles by strategically maneuvering breakable objects to clear the way for the cheese. The game offers a fun and engaging challenge as you collect strawberries for extra points and aim to achieve a perfect three-star rating on all 24 levels. Get ready to satisfy the little mouse's hunger and conquer the Cheese Quest!

Gameplay Overview

Cheese Quest is a puzzle game that combines strategy, problem-solving, and a touch of culinary flair. Players must navigate the hungry mouse through a variety of levels, overcoming obstacles and strategically interacting with breakable objects to create a path for the coveted cheese. With the added challenge of collecting up to three strawberries on each level, players can maximize their points and aim for the coveted three-star rating.

Hungry Mouse and Delicious Cheese The central objective of Cheese Quest revolves around guiding the hungry mouse to the delicious cheese. Players must strategically click on breakable objects to clear the path and create a route for the mouse to reach its savory destination. The challenge lies in determining the right sequence of actions to navigate through increasingly complex levels.

To add an extra layer of challenge and reward, players can collect up to three strawberries in each puzzle. Gathering these strawberries not only provides extra points but also adds an additional dimension to the gameplay. Strategic planning becomes crucial as players aim to optimize their score by incorporating the collection of strawberries into their overall puzzle-solving strategy.


How to play Rolling Cheese

Using mouse.

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