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Introduction PolyTrack

Get ready for a high-speed, adrenaline-pumping experience with PolyTrack, a low-poly racing game that combines loops, jumps, and precision timing in a race against the clock. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed TrackMania series, PolyTrack challenges players to navigate through thrilling tracks, aiming to improve their time on each run. With its dynamic gameplay and a level editor that empowers creativity, PolyTrack offers a racing adventure where every millisecond counts.

Gameplay Excitement:

PolyTrack sets the stage for an exhilarating racing adventure where players zoom through low-poly landscapes, facing loops, jumps, and high-speed challenges. The game mirrors the intensity of TrackMania, where each race becomes a quest for perfection. With a focus on clocking the best time, PolyTrack demands precision, skill, and a daring spirit to conquer its diverse tracks.

Low-Poly Aesthetics:

Embrace the visually distinct world of low-poly aesthetics as you navigate through PolyTrack's racing circuits. The game's minimalist design doesn't compromise on the thrill factor, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere that complements the high-speed gameplay.

Race Against the Clock:

In PolyTrack, time is your ultimate rival. Race against the clock to improve your time on different tracks, mastering the twists, turns, loops, and jumps that stand between you and victory. The game's time-driven challenges keep players on the edge of their seats, fostering a competitive spirit and a drive for constant improvement.

Level Editor Creativity:

PolyTrack goes beyond the preset tracks by offering a robust level editor. Unleash your creativity as you design your own challenging tracks, complete with loops, jumps, and intricate elements. The level editor empowers players to craft unique racing experiences, adding an extra layer of depth and community engagement to the game.

Share and Compete:

After crafting your masterpiece in the level editor, PolyTrack allows you to export and share your tracks with fellow players. Engage in friendly competition as the community races to conquer your creations, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of challenging tracks.

Features Overview:

  • Low-Poly Racing Thrill: Immerse yourself in a visually distinct world with low-poly aesthetics, where every race is a thrilling adventure.

  • Race Against the Clock: Test your skills in a time-driven challenge, aiming to improve your time on different tracks filled with loops, jumps, and high speeds.

  • Level Editor Creativity: Design your own tracks using a robust level editor, unleashing your creativity to craft challenging and unique racing experiences.

  • Share and Compete: Export and share your custom tracks with others, engaging in friendly competition as the community races to conquer your creations.

How to play PolyTrack

  • Use WASD keys to drive or steer
  • R to restart
  • ESC to back to main

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