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Plusword game is a word puzzle game that involves completing a crossword-like grid with words. The game can be played daily in challenge mode where players have only one chance to complete the puzzle, or in infinite mode where players can play as many times as they want.

In Plusword, the difficulty of the puzzle increases as compared to traditional crosswords. The game involves using clues to find the correct words that fit into the grid. The clues could be related to a specific topic or could be general knowledge.

To play Plusword, you will need to solve a crossword-like puzzle. The grid will consist of blank squares where you need to fill in the correct letters to complete the words. Some of the squares in the grid will be shaded or colored, and these letters will help you solve the Plus Word, which is a five-letter word that is hidden within the puzzle.

Remember, the key to playing Plusword is to use your vocabulary and knowledge of various subjects to solve the crossword puzzle and the Plus Word. With practice and patience, you can improve your skills and become a Plusword master!


How to play Plusword

  • Start by reading the clues provided in the puzzle to determine the words you need to fill in.
  • Look for the shaded or colored squares in the puzzle.
  • These squares will provide the letters you need to solve the Plus Word.
  • Use the letters from the shaded squares to form a five-letter word that is related to the theme of the puzzle.
  • Fill in the letters for the Plus Word in the designated area on the puzzle.
  • Continue solving the puzzle by filling in the remaining words using the clues provided.
  • Once you have completed the puzzle, check your answers to ensure they are correct.
  • If you are playing in challenge mode, you will receive a score based on how quickly you completed the puzzle and the number of incorrect answers.
  • If you are playing in infinite mode, you can continue to play and improve your skills by solving new puzzles every day.

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