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Penguin Diner

Get ready to dive into the world of culinary penguins in Penguin Diner, where you'll be tasked with managing the most popular penguin restaurant in town. This charming flash game challenges you to seat penguin customers, take their orders, serve their meals, and collect payments. Just like in a real restaurant, the key to success is keeping your customers happy.


In Penguin Diner, you step into the role of a restaurant manager. Your goal is to ensure that all the penguin customers have a delightful dining experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Seating Penguins: Greet incoming penguins, guide them to their seats, and make sure they're comfortable.

  • Taking Orders: Write down the penguins' orders as they decide what they'd like to eat.

  • Serving Meals: Head to the kitchen and collect the prepared dishes to deliver them to the penguins.

  • Collecting Payments: After the penguins have enjoyed their meals, it's time to collect the money they owe. Happy customers tend to tip more generously.

  • Keep Them Happy: The game challenges you to manage your time efficiently to keep the customers content. The happier the penguins, the more they'll pay.

Sequel: Penguin Diner 

If you're looking for even more penguin restaurant management fun, you can try the sequel, Penguin Diner. It continues the delightful story of penguin Penny as she expands her dining empire to Antarctica. The gameplay remains as charming and engaging as in the original.

Penguin Diner and its sequel offer a delightful restaurant management experience with adorable penguin customers. Whether you're playing to earn virtual profits or simply for fun, these games are bound to entertain and challenge you. So, put on your virtual chef's hat and start serving the penguin patrons!


How to play Penguin Diner

Using Mouse


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