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Melon Game

Introduction Melon Game

Embark on a juicy journey with the Melon Game where matching prowess is the key to success. Your mission: prevent similar fruits from reaching the top and rack up points in the process. Dive into the fruity fun as you strategically combine identical fruits to level them up, scoring points and expanding their size!

Objective of Melon Game

The ultimate goal is to thwart the ascent of fruits by skillfully matching them. Players must act swiftly and strategically to ensure maximum points while avoiding the impending threat of fruits reaching the top.

Matching Mechanics

Master the art of matching in the Melon Game! Forming clusters of three or more identical fruits triggers a delightful level-up effect. Not only does this contribute to your score, but it also results in a size boost for the matched fruits. The bigger, the better!

Scoring System

The scoring system in the Melon Game is dynamic and rewarding. Points are awarded based on the number of fruits matched and their increased size. As you cleverly combine fruits, watch your score soar to new heights. It's a game that rewards both precision and strategy!

How to play Melon Game

Using mouse.


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