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Introduction MCdle

MCdle Game is an engaging Minecraft-themed guessing game that challenges players to identify a daily chosen Minecraft block. The objective is to build a winning streak by accurately guessing the block of the day. Players can put their Minecraft block knowledge to the test, earning points based on the accuracy of their guesses.

Gameplay Mechanics:

To participate in MCdle Game, players begin by typing the name of any Minecraft block into the search field. The game then presents up to 10 possible results related to the entered query. Players can click on a block or navigate using arrow keys and press Enter to confirm their guess.

The chosen block's properties are compared to the block of the day, and results are color-coded for easy interpretation. A green mark indicates a correct match, yellow for partial matches, and red for incorrect guesses. For incorrect fields, arrows guide players on whether to guess higher or lower.

Game Tips:

  • Block Variants Merging: MCdle simplifies block variants by merging them into representative blocks. For example, all colored variants of concrete, terracotta, wool, etc., are represented as a single block like "Concrete" or "Wool." The same principle applies to different wood types, walls, stairs, etc.

  • Effective Use of the Search Bar: Utilize the search bar to narrow down your choices. Examining the suggestions helps in refining your search, making the guessing process more efficient.

  • Consult the Minecraft Wiki: Players are encouraged to consult the Minecraft wiki to identify blocks added in specific versions. Determining the block's version narrows down the possibilities, improving the accuracy of your guesses.

How to play MCdle

Using Mouse.


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