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Let's Find Larry

Introduction Let's Find Larry

Let's Find Larry is an online horror game created by germfood that plunges players into a suspenseful quest to locate a missing friend, Larry. The game takes unexpected turns, blending elements of paranoia, mystery, and horror, ultimately revealing a chilling plot that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

At the outset, players take on the role of The Unnamed Protagonist, tasked with finding their school friend, Larry, with the assistance of a character named Findo. However, Larry seems to be paranoid, constantly expressing fear of being discovered with exclamations like, "Are you following me?" and "Help!! Somebody!! Stalker!!!"

Sinister Shadows

As the Protagonist gets closer to finding Larry, the atmosphere darkens. A strange-looking man peers through a magnifying glass, and shadowy figures lurk on top of buildings, hinting at an ominous presence surrounding the search.

Dark Turn of Events

The game takes a sinister twist when players encounter a crime scene and come across wanted posters of Willy Mack. The narrative intensifies, revealing a connection between Larry's disappearance and the elusive figure, Willy Mack.

Larry seeks refuge in a shaded area of Middlewood, hiding in a trash can. A black car arrives, and shadowy figures emerge. The strange man issues a chilling directive to the Protagonist: Find Larry. Forced to comply, the Protagonist points out Larry's hiding spot.

Shocking Revelation

As the situation unfolds, Larry claims that his family has been taken. The strange man and shadowy figures close in, pressuring the Protagonist to locate Larry. A shocking moment ensues when the Protagonist is handed a sniper rifle and compelled to shoot Larry.

Twisted Truth Unveiled

Upon shooting Larry, a horrifying truth emerges. Larry was not who he seemed; instead, he is revealed to be Willy Mack, the antagonist terrorizing Middlewood. Willy Mack's maniacal laughter echoes as he brutally attacks the strange man, splitting his face in two.


How to play Let's Find Larry

Using Mouse.


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