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Larry Birdle 2

Introduction Larry Birdle 2

Larry Birdle 2 is the second installment of the popular game that challenges players to guess a famous NBA player. In this game, players must complete the game board in 24 moves and identify all the NBA teams associated with the players. If you're a fan of the NBA, this online game is sure to pique your interest. Larry Birdle 2 has gained popularity within hours of its release due to its engaging gameplay. With a new mystery player to guess every day, it offers a fresh challenge to NBA enthusiasts.


Game Objective

The primary objective in Larry Birdle 2 is to complete the game board by guessing the mystery NBA player and identifying all the NBA teams they have played for. Players have a limited number of moves, specifically 24 moves, to accomplish this task.

Tile Matching Mechanic

Larry Birdle 2 employs a tile matching mechanic for gameplay. Players interact with the game by clicking on tiles:

  • Selecting Tiles: To make a guess, click on a tile to select it.

  • Swapping Tiles: Click on any other tile to swap the selected tile with the new one.

Line Up Correct Tiles

The key to success in Larry Birdle 2 is to line up three correct tiles in a row. When you successfully match three tiles, they will turn light yellow. This mechanic is crucial for identifying the mystery NBA player and the teams they have played for.

Data Source

Larry Birdle 2 utilizes data from the most used lineups of each NBA team since the 2015-16 season. This data is used to create puzzles that challenge players' knowledge of NBA players and the teams they have been a part of.


How to play Larry Birdle 2

Using mouse.


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