Step into the pixelated battleground of where first-person shooter action meets a charming voxelated art style. This online multiplayer game offers a plethora of exciting features that promise hours of adrenaline-pumping fun.

With a choice of 34 levels spread across three thrilling game modes, offers gameplay options to suit every player's preferences. If you're the lone wolf type, dive into free-for-all battles in solo mode and showcase your marksmanship by racking up kills. Alternatively, team up with friends or fellow players in team games, where cooperation is key to victory. For those seeking a unique challenge, the parkour mode will put your jumping skills to the test, adding a new dimension to the FPS experience.

Key Features

One of the standout features of is its extensive customization options. Before each match, you can tailor your weapons loadout to match your preferred playstyle. Whether you're a sharpshooter or a close-quarters combat enthusiast, you have the freedom to choose the arsenal that suits you best.

Customization extends beyond weaponry, as you can personalize your character in your inventory. The game offers an array of skins and cosmetic items to make your character stand out on the battlefield. Want to further enhance your inventory? Purchase chests to unlock more weapons and unique skins, adding an exciting element of progression to the game. keeps the excitement alive with daily quests and leaderboards. By completing daily quests, you earn valuable gold that can be used to acquire chests of varying rarities, opening up new possibilities and strategies. Climbing the leaderboards isn't just a matter of pride; it also rewards you with chests filled with surprises.

With its engaging gameplay modes, character customization, and competitive elements, is a must-try for FPS enthusiasts. Dive into the voxelated world of and unleash your inner sharpshooter today!


How to play

Using Mouse