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Heardle 70s

Introduction Heardle 70s

Step into a time machine and relive the iconic sounds of the 1970s with Heardle 70s! This immersive music game takes you on a journey back to a golden era of music, where disco beats, rock anthems, and soulful melodies ruled the airwaves. Get ready to experience the groovy vibes and memorable tunes that defined the 70s, all in a captivating and interactive gaming experience.

Nostalgia-Infused Melodies

A Blast from the Past

Heardle 70s is a tribute to the musical diversity and cultural impact of the 1970s. Immerse yourself in a world where disco balls shimmered, platform shoes boogied, and rock legends took the stage. From the Bee Gees' infectious dance hits to Led Zeppelin's electrifying guitar riffs, the game encapsulates the essence of an era that continues to influence music and culture today.

Variety and Depth

Venture into the musical landscape of the 70s and explore a range of genres that defined the decade. From funk and soul to glam rock and punk, "Heardle 70s" presents an array of iconic tracks that will have you reminiscing about the music that shaped a generation. Each song carries its own unique story, making the game a journey through the evolution of sound.


How to play Heardle 70s

Using mouse.


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