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Welcome to the whimsical world of Funny Noob 2 Player, where hilarity ensues as two clumsy brothers embark on a thrilling journey! Join these endearing siblings as they navigate through forests, dodge obstacles, and collect candies in a quest for survival. With teamwork and laughter as their companions, help the funny and clumsy brothers reach the safety of the door while avoiding thorns and sharp bladed wheels along the way.

The Brothers: A Dynamic Duo

In Funny Noob 2 Player, players take control of two lovable brothers, each with their own unique quirks and personalities. Together, they must work in tandem to overcome obstacles, collect candies, and reach the wooden door to safety. Whether it's navigating treacherous terrain or coordinating their movements, teamwork is essential for the brothers to succeed in their adventure.

Collect Candies, Open Doors: The Quest for Survival

As the brothers journey through the forest, they must collect blue and red candies scattered along the way. These candies hold the key to unlocking the wooden door that leads to safety. By collecting the candies and reaching the wooden paper, players can open the door and progress to the next level of their adventure. But beware of thorns and sharp bladed wheels that stand in their path! The forest is filled with dangers lurking around every corner. Thorns and sharp bladed wheels pose a threat to the safety of the brothers as they make their way through the wilderness. Players must exercise caution and strategy to navigate past these obstacles safely. With quick reflexes and careful planning, the brothers can avoid danger and continue on their journey.

How to play Funny Noob 2 Player

Using Mouse.

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