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Clip by Clip Cinema Challenge

Flickle is your ticket to a thrilling movie guessing adventure. Test your cinematic expertise by watching a clip and deducing the movie of the day. Just start typing to receive suggestions, but the clock is ticking!

Unlock Clues, Unravel Movies

Feeling stumped? Flickle offers a lifeline – unlock up to 5 additional clips even after incorrect guesses. To claim victory, simply enter the movie title. Can't figure it out? Flickle adds extra seconds, revealing more scenes to help you crack the mystery.

A Cinematic Twist

Flickle stands out as a unique guessing game akin to Heardle, the music-guessing sensation. It unveils one second of a movie at a time, pushing your film knowledge to the limit. It distinguishes itself from Framed, another film guessing game, with dynamic clips, ensuring a challenging and immersive experience. Embrace Flickle, where every frame counts in your quest for movie mastery!


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