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Escape from Castle Claymount

Introduction Escape from Castle Claymount

Embark on an immersive escape adventure in Castle Escape. Trapped within the confines of a mysterious castle, you must navigate through the rooms, solve puzzles, and interact with intriguing characters to unlock the secrets of your captivity. Click on arrows to explore, scrutinize different parts of the room, and collect items by clicking on them. Your keen observational skills and problem-solving prowess will be your keys to freedom.

Exploration and Inventory:

Click on the arrows to navigate and explore different areas of the castle. Take a closer look at objects by clicking on them and add items to your inventory for later use. The magnifying glass allows you to examine collected items in detail, and the camera lets you capture scenes with your photographic memory.

Photographic Memory:

Utilize your photographic memory by clicking on the camera to take pictures of scenes or items of interest. To review your pictures, click on the notes button. Draw on your notes with the pencil tool, and erase drawings when needed. This feature proves invaluable for remembering details that may play a crucial role in your escape. Encounter unique characters throughout your journey. Click on a character to engage in conversation. Ask them about their identity, the circumstances of their capture, and what would make them happy. The third question reveals the items they desire. Your mission is to find and deliver these items to the right characters, unlocking rewards and potentially aiding in your escape.

Hints and Assistance:

If you find yourself stuck, click on the question mark icon for guidance. Your character can provide up to three hints on what to do next. Use this feature wisely to overcome challenges and progress in your quest for freedom.

Rewarding Challenges and Puzzles:

Immerse yourself in challenging puzzles and tasks scattered throughout the castle. Each solved puzzle brings you one step closer to unraveling the mysteries and escaping captivity. Sharpen your wits, as every detail and interaction could be the key to your freedom.


How to play Escape from Castle Claymount

Using Mouse.


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