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Introduction Costcodle

Embark on a thrilling journey of deduction and precision in PriceQuest, where your mission is to decipher the enigmatic COSTCODLE. This intriguing game challenges you to guess the correct price in just six attempts. Each guess must be a valid price, and incorrect attempts serve as clues, guiding you closer to the elusive target price. Sharpen your deduction skills and get ready for a challenging yet rewarding quest.

Gameplay Dynamics:

PriceQuest revolves around the art of deduction and strategic guessing. Your goal is to unveil the mystery of the COSTCODLE by making informed guesses about the correct price. With each attempt, the game provides valuable feedback based on the correctness of your guess, allowing you to refine your strategy and inch closer to the target price.

Challenge yourself to crack the COSTCODLE in just six attempts. Each guess you make serves as a clue, offering insights into the proximity of your guess to the actual price. Incorrect guesses become stepping stones, guiding you through the puzzle and helping you eliminate potential prices until you unveil the precise COSTCODLE.

Valid Price Guesses:

Immerse yourself in the world of valid prices as you make guesses within the defined range. The game encourages players to think strategically and consider the feedback provided after each attempt. The combination of deduction and informed guessing becomes the key to unraveling the mystery of the COSTCODLE.

Strategic Decision-Making:

As you progress through the game, strategic decision-making becomes paramount. Analyze the feedback from each guess, adjust your approach, and narrow down the possibilities. The challenge lies in optimizing your attempts to pinpoint the elusive target price within the limited six tries.

Challenging and Rewarding:

PriceQuest offers a balance of challenge and reward. The satisfaction of deciphering the COSTCODLE in just six attempts adds a layer of accomplishment to the gameplay. The game's immersive nature encourages players to fine-tune their deductive skills and enjoy the thrill of solving the puzzle.


How to play Costcodle

Using Mouse.


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