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Commander Codex

Introducing Commander Codex

Commander Codex is a thrilling fusion of the iconic Wordle game and the enchanting world of Magic: The Gathering. Dive into a unique adventure where you decipher hidden Commanders by unraveling their card properties. In this game inspired by Wordle, your mission is to identify the Commander from the top 500 Commanders on EDHREC. You have up to six attempts to correctly name the Commander.

Decode with Colors and Symbols

Commander Codex provides valuable feedback after each guess, employing a spectrum of colors and symbols to guide you to the correct answer.

The Colorful Clues

  • Green for Exact Matches: When you nail it, the tiles turn green, indicating a precise match.
  • Yellow for Partial Matches: Get close, and the tiles turn yellow to show partial correctness.
  • Arrows for Position: Arrows reveal the Commander's position relative to your guess.
  • Gray for Separation: Prevent overlap between your guess and the Commander with gray tiles.

Journey Through the Commander Universe

Embark on an exploration of Magic: The Gathering's vast universe of Commanders. Put your knowledge to the test in a quiz dedicated to the best Commanders out there!

Commander Codex combines the thrill of Wordle with the magic of the Gathering. Are you ready to decode the Commanders' secrets and become a Commander Codex master?


How to play Commander Codex

Using mouse.


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