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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes: Embark on an Idle Clicker Adventure

Clicker Heroes is a groundbreaking idle clicker game that invites players to embark on an epic adventure filled with monster slaying, hero upgrades, treasure hunting, and boss battles. It played a significant role in popularizing the clicker game genre, alongside classics like Cookie Clicker.

Click to Kill:

In Clicker Heroes, you step into the shoes of a mighty warrior, and your primary weapon is your clicking finger. Your goal is to defeat hordes of monsters by repeatedly clicking on them. Each click deals a specific amount of damage, and you can continuously upgrade your click damage to become more powerful.

Hire Heroes to Help:

To aid you in your quest, you can hire various heroes who will automatically attack monsters for you. Each hero has its own DPS (Damage Per Second) value and a unique set of upgrades that can further enhance their effectiveness. As you progress, you'll discover new heroes with even more powerful upgrades, allowing you to obliterate enemy mobs and collect gold effortlessly.

While heroes become progressively more expensive to hire, their strength and the potency of their upgrades are well worth the investment. As you advance through the game, a growing roster of heroes emerges, each representing your next significant purchase, enabling you to explore more lucrative lands and face tougher challenges.

Explore New Lands and Conquer Bosses:

Clicker Heroes offers a variety of regions, each with its own assortment of monsters to battle. You'll start your journey in the forest and gradually venture into other locations like drylands. At the end of each region, a formidable boss awaits, boasting extra health and requiring all your might to defeat. Failing to vanquish a boss will send you back to the previous stage, allowing you to further build your skills and upgrades before attempting the battle again.

Clicker Heroes is a game that combines the addictive satisfaction of continuous progress with the thrill of conquering increasingly powerful foes. It challenges players to optimize their clicking and hero hiring strategies to reach new heights and defeat formidable bosses. Whether you're a seasoned clicker game enthusiast or new to the genre, Clicker Heroes offers an engaging and rewarding adventure filled with clicking, heroes, and epic battles.


How to play Clicker Heroes

Using Mouse


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