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Born of Bread

Introduction Born of Bread

Embark on a wacky and joyful journey in Born of Bread, a delightful RPG Adventure that defies conventions and redefines turn-based combat tropes. Take on the role of Loaf, an animated flour-golem, as you explore an enchanting world brimming with humor and eccentricity. Alongside a colorful cast of buddies, prepare for an immersive experience where every slice of the adventure promises laughter, surprises, and a generous sprinkling of whimsy.

Loaf's Odyssey: A Flour-Golem's Discovery

Born of Bread unfolds the whimsical odyssey of Loaf, a flour-golem, as they navigate through a world unlike any other. Fueled by humor and eccentricity, Loaf's journey is a unique exploration of an enchanted realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and every encounter is a chance for laughter and joy.

Turn-Based Revelry: Revisiting Combat with a Twist

Challenge traditional RPG norms as "Born of Bread" revisits turn-based combat with a playful twist. Engage in battles that are as entertaining as they are strategic, as Loaf and their buddies face off against peculiar foes. The combat system becomes a source of joy, inviting players to experiment with unique tactics and enjoy the unconventional nature of each encounter.

In the world of "Born of Bread," Loaf doesn't tread alone. A colorful cast of buddies joins the flour-golem on their adventure, each bringing their own brand of humor and charm. These companions add layers to the narrative, creating a dynamic group dynamic that is both endearing and entertaining.

Enchanting World of Humor: Every Crust has a Punchline

Step into an enchanting world where humor takes center stage. Born of Bread infuses every corner of its universe with wit and whimsy, ensuring that every interaction, dialogue, and discovery is accompanied by a delightful punchline. The game's humor becomes a driving force, turning each moment into a source of joy and laughter.

Slice of Joy: Unconventional RPG Delights

Born of Bread delivers an unconventional RPG experience that is a true slice of joy. With Loaf as the protagonist and a world filled with eccentricity, the game invites players to savor the unexpected, revel in the peculiar, and relish the unconventional delights that await around every corner.


How to play Born of Bread

Using Mouse.


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