WordSoccer is a two player chain-word game. Each player has their own goal, and you need to find as many words as you can in the given time. You and your opponent cannot see each other’s word list so it will get challenging to remember what you have found. The game is played in turns, with one player starting first. In the first turn, each player must make a word from the letters provided by themself or the opponent; They do not need to use all of these letters. After that, each turn involves giving another set of three new letters and trying to find at least one new word from it again, but this time for your opponent too! In case there is no more word that can be made from the letters given by you or your opponent, that person wins that round. 

WordSoccer is a fast and furious two-player game. Each player has 5 seconds to find and mark as many words as possible from a set of scrambled letters. The catch? Players take turns marking words, so you can't just mark all the words on your turn. You need to plan ahead to leave your opponent with limited options on their next turn. We've given WordSoccer a fresh new look with new animations, new sound effects, and an updated user interface. But everything that makes this game great is still there: the scramble time, the challenge of finding hidden words in less than 5 seconds, and strategy of leaving your opponent with few options on their next turn. 

WordSoccer is a word-search type of game in which players have to find the words hidden in a grid by combining adjacent letters. Find as many words as you can in two minutes, and try to create long chains by finding related words! This blog post provides an overview of WordSoccer. 

WordSoccer is a fun and challenging chain word game with a twist. The goal of WordSoccer is to get your opponents caught in a word trap. There are two ways to succeed: either you create longer chains, or you catch your opponent with a word that has no way out. 

How to play

Using Mouse