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Word Sauce

Word Sauce: search and arrange as many letters as possible into a meaningful word. Train your vocabulary thinking in this fun game. Have you ever played a word game where you had to find the words hidden in a bunch of jumbled letters? This is very much the same, except you're looking for pieces of cake instead of hidden words. How good are you at finding hidden cakes in randomly arranged letters?

Word Sauce is A Game of Words and Intelligence! Use your vocabulary to decipher hidden words. Train your brain in our brain puzzle game with many challenging levels.

How to play: the horizontal row above is a hint of how many words you have to connect. If you look closely it will show you useful hints. Proceed to match the letters below into the correct words. After every word you find, you will be rewarded with more cake in your box.

How to play Word Sauce

Use the left mouse button or touch directly on the screen to arrange the letters.

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