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Word Learner

Word Learner is the most interesting word memory matching game. Look, remembe,r and choose the most correct cards to win. This is an educational game where you will learn new words and improve your English reading skills. Learn new words by playing a challenging arcade game with letters being the hero of the game. Learning new words is not only beneficial for expanding one's vocabulary but also helps us to understand the meaning of some complex words in daily life. Come and join the fun adventure with this fun letter game.

This great game is an educational word game that will help your child learn and practice spelling, vocabulary, and reading skills. In this game, look quickly at the words that appear on the screen, and memorize them. Then the most important task is to choose the correct letters in the sequence of the word you have just read. The letters are falling on the screen randomly, so you have to watch carefully to avoid choosing the wrong letter.

Try to complete the mission as fast as you can and open up other exciting levels in the back. Word Learner game starts easy but gets more difficult as you go. With each level, there are more words, less time, and more difficult words. How many levels can you pass before time runs out?

How to play Word Learner

Use left mouse button to select letters.

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