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Word Chef Master

Word Chef Master is where you practice your vocabulary knowledge. How many words can you confidently find out from the given letters? Are you looking for a good puzzle game? Do you want to test your logic and reflexes? This game is for you. To be successful, you need to think, plan ahead and use your reflexes at the same time. The faster you do the task, the bigger reward star you will get.

In the game Word Chef Master, you will be given suggested letters. Your task is to connect the letters in the correct order to fill the vocabulary boxes above. You will start the game with a small number of letters, and familiarize yourself with easy-to-remember vocabulary. After that, the game will become more and more difficult as the number of letters increases and the vocabulary becomes more and more complex.

How to play Word Chef Master

Use the left mouse button (with computer) or touch directly on the screen (with phone or iPad).

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