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Who Are Ya?

If you enjoy football, Who Are Ya is an excellent pick. The game can be compared to Wordle for football fans. The player gets eight chances to accurately identify a soccer player in this game. Like the original game, the player in Who Are Ya? has a specific number of opportunities to guess who the target player is (eight in this case), and each of those chances exposes something. about anyone. about what you guess and the target players have in common. When you initially start the game, a pixelated picture of another player will appear in front of you. Each will compete for a place in one of Europe's top five leagues, be it the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or Ligue 1. If you guess the proper country, league, club, player's setting, location, or age, the game will tell you if you were right or wrong.

How to play Who Are Ya?

Using mouse

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