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Weddle Unlimited

It's possible to play NFL Wordle once every day in today's challenge mode or random challenge. Weedle is a game where you have to predict an NFL star in eight tries. It's more challenging than the original Wordle, so we'll show you how to play it and give you advice on how to get better at it.

Due to its ease of use and the fact that you only have eight daily attempts to complete the challenge, it is a simple activity that has become quite popular. Weedle Online is a totally free word-guessing game that doesn't require any installation or downloads. With the 1-grid method of Weddle Unlimited, you must pick an NFL player as quickly as you can. 

How to play Weddle Unlimited

In the fewest number of trials, identify the NFL player.
Only WRs, RBs, QBs, and TEs will qualify as the solution player because they are active fantasy players.
Depending on how near the player your estimate was, the color of the tiles will change after each guess.
Green in any column denotes a match.
Yellow in the division column indicates the right conference but the wrong division.
The color yellow in the column for height, age, and weight indicates that the player's accurate measurement is within 2 inches, years, or numbers.

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