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A wordle-like game called Weddle is played by NFL fans. From a list of National Football League (NFL) players in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, one Weddle is chosen at random. Eight players compete in the free online word game Weddle to guess the name of the right NFL player. Every day, there are new NFL Weddle Player riddles to complete in this game created by the "WEDDLE TEAM."

How to play Weddle

Players get a maximum of 8 chances to correctly identify the NFL Football player name after each day's publication by the game's creator, who also includes a silhouette as a hint.
To finish hard difficulty, you will have 10 guesses rather than 8. If the player you predicted plays on the same side of the ball as the actual player, the position box will become yellow. Prepare yourself for a struggle because there might be more than 2000 participants.

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