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Traffic Control Time

Traffic control is a game where you must control traffic on a street with different cars and other vehicles. You have limited time to solve the puzzle before all the cars crash. Good luck! - Play more than 1000 user voted levels. New levels are added regularly! - Super simple one touch controls. No need to learn anything else beside this app. - Level are generated randomly, so you will always be challenged to stay alert while solving the puzzles. The level gets harder as you advance in the game. So relax and enjoy playing :) Test your math skills! In this game, you must move vehicles around on a road by placing them next to each other using various mathematical traits like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division among others. Traffic Control Game Features: - Simple one touch controls with no learning curve needed - More levels added regularly - Randomly generated level for endless replayability 

The latest installment in the Traffic Control puzzle series is here! Follow the arrows to solve this traffic puzzle and get ready for some serious traffic jams. Traffic Control Time, a new puzzle game from the makers of Traffic Control and Traffic Chaos, is here to test your ability to handle incoming vehicles and pedestrians. Your task is to manage traffic flow by identifying intersections, directing vehicles at different time periods and making sure that there are no delays. To guide you through this challenging level pack, we have included detailed instructions as well as gameplay screenshots showing the location of the different objects you will need to complete the level. Good luck! The object of the game is to get all cars into the factory at each intersection by solving logic puzzles. Traffic Control Time - Level Pack 3 is a new variant of this popular logic game that tests your intelligence and logical thinking skills. 

Traveling by car or train can be stressful at times. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in traffic or a construction zone. Thankfully, many governments have come up with solutions to alleviate the stress of these situations. They have taken one of the most annoying aspects of driving and turned it into an enjoyable game. That game is Traffic Control! In this game you are the inspector in charge of keeping cars moving through an area as efficiently as possible. To accomplish this task, you will need to assign road workers to different lanes, erect barricades and signs, as well as repair broken down cars and trucks. Sounds easy right? Well it gets even more challenging when you have to deal with multiple lanes on one street, multiple intersecting streets, construction zones and massive traffic

In this game your task is to control the car and drive on the marked roads. Traffic Control is a simple but challenging traffic management game for kids from all over the world. You have to manage traffic by controlling vehicles and directing them on the marked routes. There are many levels which makes it an addictive game for all ages. The game includes 3 different maps with 3 different vehicles to keep the gameplay interesting throughout. 

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