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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset - The ultimate collection of tricks, stunts, and races in a virtual world. Take on other players and bosses to test your skills and see who is the best stunt.

What is it? A new skateboarding game has been released, and it’s called Sunset, Stunt Driver. It’s a 3D skating game with many elements that you won’t see anywhere else. You drive over cars, try to avoid obstacles and change direction at the same time. The controls are simple: just tap the arrows on your device to steer. You can also choose between different motorbikes and skates with different wheels. You can ride them as forwards or backwards, or flip and reverse yourself at the same time. The game features three difficulty levels – Beginner, Racer and Rider – as well as two bonus modes: Race and Drift Challenge. It costs nothing to download it now, so what are you waiting for? G

A long time ago in a far away land, there lived two brothers who made snowboarding games. They were the last of their kind and had to fight off an invading tribe of guys in cammies who dressed up as snowboarders, but they won and became the new kings of snowboarding. Their names were Ki and Sung, and they now spend their days working at a ski resort. But they miss snowboarding so much that they built Sunset Stunt Winter, a brand new game, out of their love for you. 

How to play Tanuki Sunset

Using Mouse

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