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Many developers have paid homage to Wordle's addictive formula as a result of its enormous popularity. Mahler, which tests your ability to solve equations in your brain, and Worldle (sic), which tests your geography knowledge by swapping words for country outlines, are two Wordle equivalents that have been discovered so far.

The next app is one that targets a very narrow market and is similar to Wordle. SWordle is a word game about Star Wars, so dust off your comics and grab your lightsaber! The gameplay is identical to that of the original Wordle once more.

A 5-letter word can be guessed six times. However, I contend that this game is harder. This keyboard also features numbers and a dash for you to utilize because it has droid names in addition to terminology and characters from the comics. Don't worry if it seems like an insurmountable challenge. After your third guess, you are given a hint by the game. It also includes a list of over 14 000 words to aid in guessing.

As you try to identify the five-letter word in six guesses or less, it uses the same criteria as Wordle, where green denotes a correct letter in the proper spot and yellow denotes a correct letter in the incorrect one.

How to play SWordle

The core gameplay is identical to Wordle. A five-letter word can be guessed six times total. The winning phrase will, however, always be related to Star Wars. That indicates that SWordle is a word game and a quiz game in equal measure. You have a better chance of finding the right answer in six tries or less if you have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Star Wars.

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