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Sweety Mahjong

The Mahjong game is coming. You have heard about the mahjong games and you are the one who has to play it first. Now you don’t know what kind of mahjong game it is and whether you would like to play it or not but suddenly a sweet voice called out your name, asking you to come over here. And that was when you realized that there were lots of different kinds of mahjong games in the world and you would like to play them all, one by one. However, being a newbie in this field might be difficult for you as most people would probably take an instant dislike on playing with a stranger but that isn’t going to stop you from trying again and again until you get it right or till everyone else gives up on their attempts at playing with strangers. Are You Ready? Let’s get started!

Puzzling is a type of word puzzle that tests one’s logical thinking and cognitive ability. The game has been an important part of almost every society throughout the world. It is believed that mahjong originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. In fact, it seems like the game was invented only to pass the time and keep entertained. Today, many people across the globe enjoy playing this simple yet strategic game. If you have never played Mahjong before and wondering what it is, then let us explain you as much as possible. According to experts, there are several theories on how Mahjong evolved. 

Play Sweet Mahjong and become the best player in the world. It is a free mahjong game for all ages, so come and join now ! - 100 different levels for you to challenge - Beautiful 3D graphics to keep you mesmerized - Colorful tiles, unique mahjong layouts, and fun sound tracks - Catchy mini games to keep you addicted. Also check our other game: Freecell Mahjong. 

How to play Sweety Mahjong

Using Mouse

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