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Think you're an authority on all things transportation in New York City? A new version of the popular puzzle game Wordle that focuses on the city's subway system will put your talents to the test.

You have six opportunities to correctly predict a subway trip with two transfers in the web game Subwaydle. Every guess in Subwaydle must be a genuine subway journey one might take beneath New York City, just like every guess in Wordle must be a true word, provided that all the trains are operating normally. A rail line will be shown as gray if it is not on the route, yellow if it is on the route but is presently at the wrong location, and green if it is on the route and is in the proper location. Any excursion does not involve a brief pit break at a bar in the underground.

Sunny Ng, a software developer located in New York City, developed the game. He is a fervent supporter of public transportation and has used his computer abilities to create a real-time subway map and a service tracker for the network. The recent purchase of Wordle by The New York Times may not have netted Ng a seven-figure sum, but the transportation specialists in the city like playing Subwaydle.

How to play Subwaydle

Using mouse

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