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High Stack is a Hyper-Casual Puzzle game that combines elements from the classic game of 21, the strategy of Chess, and the addictive nature of a Clicker or KettaApp. High Stack is set in an underground world where players need to strategically place tiles on a board to reach their victory target – but only with the help of special powers, wild cards, and hidden multiplier tiles! This High-class casual puzzle game is easy to play but hard to master. Players will be challenged to think critically and strategically in every decision they make. The goal is to get as many points as possible by removing all your tiles from the board faster than your opponent. Every turn presents different opportunities and challenges; Will you take the safe path or risk it all? Forget Checkers, Chess, or even Uno.

What’s the buzz around town? Stack and its cousins, the stack-based games, are the hottest trend in mobile gaming right now. While most casual gamers grew tired of Zynga’s copycat farm and city simulators long ago, these new titles are breathing fresh life into this category once again. On the surface, many stack games look similar to one another. Each has a simple UI with only a few interactive elements on the screen at any given time. They involve matching three or more objects to clear them from the board and get points along the way. The player can also purchase virtual gems that give special powers like bombing entire columns or uncovering new tiles more often (for a limited time). To understand why they’re different, let’s take a look at some of their key design

Let’s face it, mobile gaming is a seriously saturated market, with new games coming out every day. In fact, it’s so saturated that it can be hard for developers to stand out. However, one of the newest trends that we’ve seen develop in recent times is the emergence of what are known as “Hyper-Casual” games. This article will serve as an introduction to this exciting new sub-genre and explain why these bite-sized experiences are becoming increasingly popular. So, Let’s get started!


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