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Squardle game - what is it? A word game called Squardle is based on Josh Wardle's Wordle, a game that has gone viral. If you somehow managed to arrive here without being aware of what Wordle is. You will learn what the squardle is made of, how to download it, and why you should play squardle online in the following paragraphs. A 2D Wordle variation called "Squared Wordle" is this game. We tried it at, and while it was challenging at first, we became better at it with each game!

The daily game Squardle can only be played once each day. As opposed to the original Wordle, you must complete a square box. We will show you how to play Squardle and provide you tips and tactics to help you get better at it.

Where can I input my guess in the Squardle game?
Not you. Each guess will forward the next guess to the following row and column when the rows and columns are cycled through. It will skip over those letters for the remainder of the game if you have previously located all of the green characters in that row and column. The location of your subsequent guess is shown by the two arrows outside the grid. Additionally, in the Weekly Squardle game option, you will only ever need to guess in the one row or column when there are only non-green letters. By doing this, you can avoid having to guess the remaining words one square at a time after a strong start.

How to play Squardle

Enter a five-letter English word to begin the game. If you're playing on a computer, you may either use the virtual keyboard or a real keyboard.

Your entered question will be shown in a row and a column. and a hint will be given for each filled square. The hints are presented as colored squares. For their definitions, see below.

You begin with ten guesses. You receive one extra guess for each of the first five words for which you fill in all the squares. You win the game if you can solve all six puzzles! It should be noted that for a word to be declared solved, all of its letters should only be green at any time throughout the game. You do not need to guess the word in question.

A game is almost finished to the left. In this instance, it appears that the winning guess should be CUBIC in order to change the final two gray squares into green ones and win.

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