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What is an argument?
A five-letter word must be correctly identified in six or fewer attempts in the word game Squabble, which is quite similar to Wordle.

However, Squabble allows you to play with up to 99 other players simultaneously and is a multiplayer game. Additionally, Squabble allows you to play as much and as frequently as you desire, unlike Wordle, which only allows one game each day.

Either start your own game, join one already started by a friend, or join a random game. Your friend will have a code for you to input if they began a game.

The objective of the game is to correctly guess the obscure five-letter word, just as Wordle. The tiles will change color after each guess to indicate how accurate you were, which will aid you in moving on.
When a letter is absent from the word, the tile goes gray. When a tile becomes green, it indicates that the letter is accurate and that the tile is in the proper place. And if a tile becomes yellow, it indicates that although the letter is there in the word, it is not in that location.

How to play Squabble

Using mouse

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