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Spot 5 Diffs Urban Life

Nowadays, almost any puzzle game that requires me to find hidden objects within image sequences will do the trick. And while many have changed over the years — especially in terms of design and difficulty — many remain extremely addictive and enjoyable to play again and again.

You are driving along a dark road. You see something ahead of you. It’s lit up, there’s music playing and you know that it’s not going to harm you. What is that? It could be a trap! You slow down and get closer to see what all the fuss is about. Is it a statue? An advertisement? A private road? Or was it just the reflection in your broken car window? You reach out and touch what seems like an alabaster wall. Your fingertips are electrified for a moment, before you realise that it’s actual marble. That same material would cover most buildings if they had enough light to display their beauty properly. The street light ahead turns out to be tricky stuff too, as every time you drive over it, something new comes into view: a shopfront or the inside of an apartment building. 

How to play Spot 5 Diffs Urban Life

Using Mouse

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