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Spelling bee

You only need to take a quick look at the image and then type the word to play this game. By using the keyboard or the letters on the screen, you can text. It seems that clicking using the mouse takes significantly longer than clicking with the keyboard. Therefore, you should use the keys if you want to get a good grade.

Selecting a group of content to work with is the first step. There are approximately 25 objects to spell in each of the 30 sets available for this game. There must be a single explanation for each concept, and each image has a corresponding audio clip that should start playing as soon as the image is displayed.

You are allowed to upload your own images and audio files. Click the "add" button when you are at the content selection screen. They provide you the option to choose pictures from your desktop computer, which are subsequently added and displayed on the screen. The file names of the images you provide decide the target word that needs to be spelled. The goal to spell for an image with the word "beach vacation" in it is "beach vacation." However, you can change the desired words by clicking on the textbox just beneath the image. It's important to note that numbers and other special characters are not permitted in this game and are immediately removed from the content screen. This is because the on-screen keyboard only has letters on it.

A clock that counts down as you spell the words is also included. If the timer expires before the game is over, you lose and the game is over. The game ends and the scores screen shows once you have correctly spelt every item in the content set. The countdown timer should accelerate as you move through the sets. As a result, the game ought to become more challenging. If you mistakenly click the incorrect letter, nothing bad happens; just try again until you get it right. This method involves some trial and error when learning how to spell unfamiliar words.

How to play Spelling bee

Using mouse

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