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Spellie is a fun and educational online word puzzle game designed specifically for kids. It is a daily game that provides three puzzles of varying difficulty, making it a great way for young spellers to practice their skills and improve their vocabulary.

The game is simple to play and can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device. Each day, there are three new puzzles available, with the difficulty level increasing from one puzzle to the next. The puzzles use grade 1-6 vocabulary, making them a great way for kids to learn new words and improve their spelling skills.

One of the great things about Spellie is its educational value. The game teaches kids about vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition, making it a great educational tool for young students. By solving the daily puzzles, kids can expand their vocabulary, improve their spelling skills, and become more confident in their language abilities.

Another great aspect of Spellie is its fun and engaging nature. The daily puzzles are designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, making the game a great way for kids to pass the time and challenge their skills. The game also provides a sense of accomplishment, as kids can track their progress and see how they improve over time.

In conclusion, Spellie is a fantastic online word puzzle game for kids. Whether you're a student, a parent, or just someone who loves words and language, Spellie is sure to provide hours of entertainment and education. So, if you're looking for a fun and educational game for kids, then be sure to try Spellie today!

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Using mouse

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