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Scratch is the world’s leading online digital creativity platform. Scratch is an intuitive, visual coding environment that enables kids as young as 7 to create their own games and animations. Kids can express their creativity with digital drawing tools and type in computer code using a simple programming language. They can also collaborate easily with friends via voice chat or instant messaging. With all of these capabilities at hand, kids will have no shortage of ideas on how to use the coding environment to experiment with game design and animation. Kids know all the answers to most of the quizzes and word puzzles you see them solving on your TV screen every night. But do you know how much they know about music and other creative fields? Well, if you guessed “not much” then you are probably right! Here is a list of some popular questions from trivia-based reality shows that most people can answer but not everyone knows the correct answers for. If you want to test your knowledge, keep reading our article and try answering these SCRATCH AMP GUESS CELEBRITIES QUIZ.

Scratch is a new and emerging genre of gaming that has recently taken over the mobile world and the majority of tablets. Scratchers are gamers who use a physical medium for their games game cards, app-based games, or virtual reality). Scratch is a gaming platform that makes it easy to create digital games which can be played by anyone with access to a mobile device, tablet, or computer. It uses drag-and-drop programming blocks called ‘scratch codes’ which are designed to help players unlock an unlimited number of possibilities in their games.

Celebrity Scratch Amp is a new kind of puzzle game based on guess who?. The game is easy for everyone to understand and play. The goal is to guess the celebrity from their scratch appearance, or photos that are displayed on the screen. You have a set amount of time, but as you progress you’ll unlock more difficult celebrities. Your score from every level will be calculated at the end and it will add up to your final score for that level. You can earn extra coins by completing levels in this game which will be used to buy power-ups like extra time, and hints. There are 2 types of hints: gold hint, and secret hint. Let's get ready for some

If you’re not a music lover, then the chances are that you probably aren’t a fan of any of the famous musicians, singers and bands. These famous people have made our lives better with their songs, but without them we wouldn’t know anything about them either. We have provided some clues that might help you figure out which artists who from these clues. You can use these clues to figure out who the celebrities are played Scratch Amp in the past or present. 

Scratch Amp is an app that creates a fun, interactive quiz game for users to guess the celebrity they are thinking of. Users get various questions to guess the name of a famous person. The more answers you give, the higher your score will be get.

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