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Scrape and Guess

Scrape and Guess, Scrape and Guess! is a simple game in which you will be facing with similar images of some objects, try to guess the object by pasting the similar images of that object. Give it a If you have ever played games like Picture Scramble or Word Scramble where you need to find an object by putting letters across the grid then this is one more version of this type of game. In this game, you need to locate similar objects based on their description board. When playing this game you will be asked to first use your swipe finger to quickly drag the card from left side of the screen towards the scrolling panes. You can also tap on the highlighted words on cards to get more details about them by tapping on it. When dragging a card from left side of screen towards scrolling panes area, if there ends up being multiple cards that are identical in appearance then instead of showing all those cards in succession, it will only show those cards that have greater similarity than any other cards. So for example if there are two different cars shown as identical then instead it will only show the car whose paint color or manufacturer is closest or same as that car’s color or manufacturer. 

Scrapbook is a word game where you guess the words hidden in a picture. The words are hidden inside some of your favorite photo albums, scrapbooks, greeting cards and magazines! Here’s how it works: choose an album or other photo source to reveal. You will see the picture and all its pages laid out in one location so that you can see exactly what you are searching for. There will be certain clues inside the album that point to certain words being hidden elsewhere in the page, but many of those clues might not be obvious at first glance. For instance: Look for phrases like “To dear old…” or an image of a person wearing an item from their clothing line with their name printed on it. If there is no such phrase or image then you will have to look harder to find a similar clue that can help identify other words still hiding somewhere else in the same page. Scrapbook is the most fun when played with friends! 

The latest version of this game is Scrap And Guess> app. It’s a word search game with many levels and beautiful themes. The aim of the game is to find the words hidden in the picture by removing everything outside the word. Scrap And Guess has three different modes: Time Attack, Endless and Level Mode. You can choose one when you play. The first time you start playing, it will take you some time to understand what all the symbols mean and how to get started effectively. If you get stuck once in a while, read our tips below for more help! If you are still confused, don’t worry because we are here to help you! Read on and discover everything about this insanely addictive word search game that seems impossible to put

Scrape and Guess is a new word game for android. Game is based on guessing the word from given picture. In this simple game you have to guess the word from given image. There are many levels in every game which will increase your level of thinking as well as patience. You have to guess the word from given picture, so you will have to think fast and make few guesses before time runs out! This is a very simple but addictive game. It requires basic knowledge of English grammar and spelling. If you find it challenging, then try other games in this category or visit some of our other games like Wordscraper or Wordsearch Games. Hope you enjoy playing Scrape And Guess as much as we enjoyed making

In Scrape And Guess you need to zoom in on letters that are hidden within the picture. Once you have found them all you will be given hints and a time limit to find all of the letters. The faster you can do it, the more points you will get! Can you guess what word is hidden inside the picture? With words that are not so easy to guess, there are pictures with extra clues such as arrows pointing towards certain letters. You can visit our other word games. Good luck!

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Using Mouse

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