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Welcome to the world of Prisoner! In this game, you will have to control a prisoner, and your main target is to escape from this prison. Sounds simple? Well, we’ll see about

Prison Breakout is an arcade-style pixel-art game about a prisoner who needs to break out of prison. You need to collect various items and avoid different monsters, in order to escape your cell. The game takes place in a prison where you are locked up, and you have to break out. You will be able to unlock different areas as you progress, with a final goal of escaping the prison and getting your freedom back. There are several guards patrolling the corridors. They won't let you leave that easily! Luckily for you, there are many objects scattered around that can help you avoid them and have an easier escape ;) This pixel-art game has cute characters, challenging puzzles, and plenty of hidden secrets :) Good luck!

Prepare yourself for an epic challenge in this pixel-perfect monster escape game! You’ve been locked up in a spooky old prison, but you’re not going to sit around forever. It’s time to make your great escape! Find a way out of the labyrinthine cell blocks and creepy catacombs beneath the prison, trapping monsters along the way. Keep your wits about you and avoid falling into any traps set by those pesky beasts. Collect golden geists to unlock helpful perks that will aid you on your daring dash for freedom. Do you have what it takes to crack this case? Let’s find out in this intriguing new escape game.

Welcome to Prisoner Escape! You’re a prisoner locked in a jail cell. And you need to get out as soon as possible! Look around your cell, find your hidden items and solve all the puzzles to get out of here. If you like escaping games, you will love this new prison escape game. Escape from different places such as a school or a hospital, but watch out! They’re full of traps and tricks! Good luck and have a good time!

If you love platformers, puzzles, and geometry-based challenges, you’ll love this article. In this post, we’ll be showing you some of the best prison break games that will keep your brain ticking for quite some time. These games might be simple in terms of visuals but trust us; they are quite difficult. Some of these games are even harder than that famous cube game out there. So let’s get started!

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