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If you've ever wanted to check out something like Wordle but with a different concept, you might want to have a look at Passwordle. Test your knowledge by trying to crack some random passwords.
Wordle is acknowledged as being the primary inspiration for the password-guessing game Passwordle. Ashley Knowles developed Passwordle in 2022 using Hannah Park's open-source code for Wordle offshoots. The goal of the game is for players to guess a password made up of a random string of letters and symbols.

In terms of basic physics and rules, Passwordle and Wordle are equivalent. Green and yellow tiles are used by players to indicate how close they are to guessing the right chain of characters. There are six possible guesses that can be used.
However, because the passwords are so lengthy and unpredictable, this game may be rather challenging. So, be careful how you employ your educated predictions. Don't be reluctant to arrange your thoughts on some scratch paper.

How to play Passwordle

Using mouse

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