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Pandjohng Solitaire

If you like to play card games, you will definitely like solitaire. Solitaire games are played with fewer than four cards. A single card is called a card or point in solitaire. The object of the game is to move all of the cards to the foundation starting at ace and proceeding in order until all cards have been moved to the foundations. When playing a standard deck of 52 playing cards, there are 4 suits, each with 13 cards. This means that there are 4 * 13 = 52 different card positions available when dealing out the deck. If a card can be found in any one of these positions, it can be placed directly into that position by moving other cards so as not to repeat any card again. Hence, you need to think very carefully before placing a card so as not to repeat it later on. There are many types of Solitaire games but most revolve around finding specific combinations of cards at specific locations in order to finish off the game and win. Some more advanced games revolve around getting rid of certain combinations so as not to repeat them later on again and make your life harder. It’s easy enough for anyone to learn if you know where and how many cards you have available (or don’t have) then some basic rules will help you throughout your learning curve; however if this kind of strategy isn’t for you or something else catches your attention we have some great alternatives below!

Pandjango is a jigsaw puzzle which is originally designed and developed by the Indian company Limited. However, it has been made available in the market as an Android application, as well. This game is based on the Asian Elephants called as panda. This game has five different sets of puzzles which you can solve by shuffling all the pieces and assembling them. The first set of puzzles consists of five puzzles, each one with a different image of an elephant from different angles. The second set of puzzles consists of four puzzles with images of two pandas sitting together. The third set consists of three puzzles with images of two pandas resting their heads together. And, lastly, there is the fourth set where you have to assemble six images that depict three pandas playing some games

The most addicting solitaire game is here! Play the best Solitaire with 3 Pandas on a challenging jungle themed board. Can you finish all the levels? This is not just another card game, it’s a challenge for your logic and concentration. Good luck! – 8 Challenging Levels - Each level is more difficult than the previous one, but if you complete all levels… You will unlock an entire new world in this app. You will also earn points that let you purchase different skins for the deck, characters, themes and music tracks to customize your playing experience. If you love playing Cards games, you must try this game now! Good luck!

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