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Do you have a quick mind for math problems? It's time for you to demonstrate it and see whether you can also predict the right answer after six trials. Numberle, a brand-new number game, will put your reasoning and math skills to the test. You must use all of your mental capacity in this entertaining and quick-paced game. To succeed in this game, you must be smart, strategic, and analytical.

Do you excel in math? Find out how proficient you are at solving equations by putting your skills to the test in this fantastic game. The rules are straightforward: you get six tries to correctly estimate the equation. It sounds simple, right? Let's test your ability to do it!

The game is easy to understand and play, but it's also difficult. You can probably win in five or six tries if you play well. To succeed in this ridiculously difficult arithmetic game, though, you could need a lot more than that if you don't have a knack for numbers games. Let's get going! Get set, go! Lucky you!

How to play Numberle

You must correctly estimate the mathematical equation in six tries. Enter your own accurate equation in each line to determine what values and mathematical symbols are contained in the given equation. A number or sign that is present in the equation but is in the wrong place will be shown by a brown mark; if it is in the right place, it will be highlighted in green. If there isn't any number or sign in the equation at all, the color will be gray. Can you solve the goal equation in six tries?

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