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Monster School Challenges

The world has been overrun by zombies, but not if you can help it! In this game, you'll play as the head of a school that's being attacked by brain hungry monsters. You're the only hope to save your school and its innocent pupils from becoming lunch! Depending on how well you play and manage situations, some characters will become your allies while others will become foes. Work with them or against them to survive the attack and earn extra lives in this action puzzle game. Survive as long as possible by keeping the brats safe from harm and making sure their brains don't get eaten. You'll have access to various items such as lockers, desks, couches, etc that can help you keep track of which students are still alive in each area of the school. However using these items costs a resource called LIVES which regenerate automatically over time but get used up in a very short amount of time when using many items at once. 

Are you a genius? Do you have what it takes to become the next great Monster School Escapee? Then, look no further. The world has an endless supply of brain-twisting puzzles and devious escape rooms for geniuses like you. However, not everyone can outsmart our education system and pass its gruelling test of wits and logic. That’s why we have built our very own escape room testing site called Monster School Challenges. You see, we are not normal humans either. We are monsters after all and as such, we also like to play with toys from time to time. So, we enlisted the help of several of our best monster friends - All of whom are enrolled in our very own Monster School - To design some really evil tests that only the most brilliant students can solve.

The kids are back in school and this time they will encounter a different kind of challenge. They will learn about the threats that lurk beyond the gates of the school and must work together to defeat them. There are many kinds of creatures that come from the depths of our world, and some of them are not but let's hope so for their sake. Kids are going back to school again but this time things are a little different. The children have to face a new kind of challenge, as they will uncover secrets about the dangers that lurk outside their classrooms and must band together to defeat them. There are many types of creatures that come from our world, and some of them aren't necessarily but hopefully they'll be just fine for the kiddies'

In this game you will play as a kid who goes to a boarding school and meets new friends. From time to time, strange things happen and it is your job to uncover them and solve the mysteries. In this game you will explore various locations of the school, meet many strange characters and fight against some fierce children who try to scare other kids for fun. Good luck!

How to play Monster School Challenges

Using Mouse

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