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Match The Shapes

Match The Shapes is a new HTML5 puzzle game for kids, that requires you to match the shapes in their right places. It’s very easy at first with limited shapes but as soon as you progress in the game, it gets harder and harder. Perfect for children of all ages, Match The Shapes can be played with your kids by yourself or with friends. A great family fun game to play together! It’s also an excellent training tool for your kids when they are young, because as they progress through the levels of the game, they will start to get accustomed to recognizing more and more complex patterns while having a greater challenge at each level. Making it a great match-up puzzle game to improve your logic

When the shapes of the world are lined up and organized, they make perfect matching shapes. In this fun new game you will have to match the different shapes, so you can build your own little world. The goal is to create a path for each shape in order to connect them with other similar-shaped pieces. The more paths you can create, the higher your score will be at the end of the match. Use all of your senses while playing The Shapes: Matching Game and see if you can find all of the hidden shapes in our digital

Match the Shapes is a simple yet addictive game for kids. Match the shapes and make them disappear. Sounds easy? Well, not really… Just match the same shape again to make it go away! It gets more challenging as you progress. Will you be able to master all the different

How to play Match The Shapes

Using Mouse

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